Tai-Sho Dharuma

Tai-Sho Dharuma

Ultimate Pro-Health Workout

Stretch • Flex • Strengthen • Breathe

Tai-Sho Dharuma is an ancient traditional exercise regimen designed to balance the mind, body and spirit and give long lasting health. Experience a gentle yet rigorous practice that links stretching and flexing with postures, body conditioning and mindful breathing techniques. This powerfully nurturing experience results in profound feelings of confidence and relaxation. The goal is to harmonize a strong resilient body with an agile mind and soaring spirit.

According to legend, many centuries ago a Buddhist monk, traveled from India to China and taught a series of exercises to the students of the famed Shaolin Temple. This eventually evolved into Kung Fu which spread to Okinawa and became Karate.

In Tai-Sho Dharuma we work the body from the toes to the top of the head. The stretches, flexes, poses, dynamic movements and breathing exercises relax and strengthen muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints. It also includes several Chi Gung exercises to develop internal energy. As we age our connective tissues need extra attention. Keeping them supple is a key to physical health.

The strengthening component of the Tai-Sho Dharuma practice is a dynamic breathing exercise called Sanchin. Sanchin is done very slowly, similarly to Tai Chi, using isometric body movements coordinated with specific breathing techniques.

Our Karate is rooted in Tai-Sho Dharuma. Therefore, as a special bonus hidden within the practice, self-defense techniques will be explained during each class.


• Stretching

• Flexing

• Strengthening

• Breathing

• Dynamic Movements

• Mindfulness Training

• Body Conditioning

Loosens and Strengthens

• Muscles

• Tendons

• Ligaments

• Joints

Includes Chi Gung to Build Internal Power

• Powerfully Nurturing Experience

• Promotes Confidence and Health


Roy Kenneth Kamen

 Roy Kenneth Kamen began studying the Isshinryu style of Karate in 1965 and began studying Traditional Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate in 1974. Roy earned his second degree black belt in Karate and a first degree black belt in Okinawan Kobudo (weaponry) in 1980 from Master Seikichi Toguchi, a first-generation student of Grand Master Chojun Miyagi, the founder of Goju-Ryu. Roy received his eighth-degree Karate ranking in 2007 from Kow Loon Ong, Chairman and Chief Instructor of the Chi-I-Do International Karate/Kobudo Organization. Roy is a Senior Instructor at Chi-I-Do International and teaches children Karate at Tiger Strong NYC. CPR/AED Certified, Roy and has also written and published a book entitled “KARATE: BENEATH THE SURFACE”, an exploration of the Spirit in Martial Arts, available at www.RoyKamen.com

Tai-Sho Dharuma is the warmup practice for Goju-Ryu and prepares the body for any strenuous exercise. Roy has been practicing Goju-Ryu for the past 45 years and he brings his expertise in Martial Arts to Tai-Sho Dharuma, The Ultimate Pro-Health Workout.

 Outside of his passion for Tai-Sho Dharuma and Goju-Ryu, Roy owns and operates Kamen Entertainment Group, Inc., a New York City based Entertainment Production Company, with his wife and partner Marina Kamen. Together they have produced thousands of Radio, Television, Music, Fitness, and Live Show projects, and have won over 140 top industry awards.

 Roy and Marina have been married for over 35 years and have three grown children.


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Tai-Sho Dharuma
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Welcome to Tai-Sho Dharuma, a Tiger Strong NYC class.

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